Your Moment in a Date Dress

October 17, 2016

Back when I was a hopelessly romantic young adult, I had purchased this dress with the idea of a casual dinner date in the summer. Now, still a hopelessly romantic young adult, a few years later, I've grown tired of waiting for the right guy so that I can wear this dress. One day, I decided to fuck it, this dress is cute, and I'm going to wear it whenever I feel like it. And from that day on, it has turned into something much more than a date dress, but a dress for all occasions.

Ethical or Human Nature

Is it ethical or human nature to wait for the right moment?

Ethically we must keep ourselves together based on the situation, and the weight of the subject we want to address. We must make sure that the audience (or your group of friends and family) are ready to hear what we have to say. But when do we tell them? Do we just say it?

Is it human nature to hope for the right time to make a move toward something (or someone) we want? You're there face to face with it, is it a good moment to take it for ourselves?

Why Wait

There are so many other things we are waiting for like, for time to pass, for our appointments to come through, for our food to get here, or for our salaries to process. All of these things we don't have much control over, so why do we still let the moments we do have control of, overtake us?

Why wait when you can do what you want, say what you want now instead of later? Why wait for when the right moment comes along when you can see the moments passing by?

At times you realize that you're waiting for the right moment to do something, but when the right moment never comes up, you just have to make the moment happen.

| Cardigan - Wet Seal | Dress & Shoes - H&M |
| Bag - Society6 | Earrings - Gifted |

Photo creds: Khurram Salman

Take control and make your moments happen, love.

I paired this "date dress" with a splash of floral that's perfect for a summer date with myself. *wink* and to see more on how and what to wear with a denim dress like this;
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