Do You Believe in Mermaids?

October 31, 2016

The past few Halloweens were filled with the excitement of chocolates, decorations, pumpkin spice, and dressing up in all black. But this year, my Halloween spirit seemed to have taken a turn. Which is pretty sad.

They say that it's the people around us that make life worth living. 

Perhaps it's the people around me who aren't too enthusiastic about Halloween this year that sort of dialed down my yearly Halloween spirit. Nonetheless, even if I don't celebrate it physically with parties, chocolates, and fun DIY buntings, I'll still be singing "This is Halloween" in my soul, pulling out my tarot cards, and lighting candles this evening.

Since I've got nothing special to wear for Halloween, I just went for a graphic tee that shows my bit of spirit and my strong belief in mermaids because, my daring readers...

They're real...

| Graphic Tee - Hot Topic | Cardigan - Forever 21 | Jeans - Bershka |  Shoes - H&M  | 
| Bag - Society6 | Necklace - Downtown Disney | Shell Pendant - ALDO | Headscarf - Splash |

Photo creds: Shabana Feroze

Wear a graphic tee this Halloween and show your support for a character, creature, or belief on this dark spooky night. Don't forget to spruce it up with some accessories, fun headwraps, and a creepy smile or a frown to scare the little kids.

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