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Arhaus, Living the Dream

Arhaus Feature: Living the Dream

Creating the right space for your home, that's comfortable, cozy, and presents the right aura you want to give out when guests come over, is essential. The right space filled with colors and good energy, and the right space that could feel like home.

The living room set I put together is called "Living the Dream," for when we achieve what need to achieve and are literally living our dream. To get us prepared, why not start decorating now?

Struggles and Trust

These past few weeks I've been laying back and walking in my flats instead of heeled boots. As much as I want my ass to look amazingly firm whenever I wear heels, I can't convince myself to put on these heels and endure the aches on my soles and my ankles. So, flat shoes and ballet flats, or even flip flops have been my go-to footwear; unless of course I have somewhere important to be and people to impress. So I make due with what I got on and trusted that it would make me feel fabulous!

Speaking of people to impress, it's been sort of a struggle finding something secure; regarding my job hunt as a writer or editor. Unfortunately, with multiple new businesses that start up in Bahrain, it is still a struggle to find a secure position in the publishing industry. I'm honestly so disappointed, but I'm trying not to let it get the better of me, we're stronger than that remember?

Remember What You Stand For

You say that you're healthy and enjoy working out, and you say that you're positive and meditate every day but, there come's a few days or maybe even a week when you fall off the wagon. When you eat junk food and workout less,  and when you're stressed and can barely sit to breathe. And when you think about what you stand for; whether you're healthy, positive, etc., doesn't it feel like a lie?

YouTubers, Bloggers, and other influential people out there who stand for being badass, healthy, confident, and all that jazz, who has a group of followers that aspire to be just like them. So much so that they follow their routines, dress like them, and talk like them; guilty over here! People like Shameless Maya, or Chiara from Bold Self, or even Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. These type of people stand for something, and the world follows their lifestyle hoping to be just like them but, I'm sure they fall off the wagon too sometimes.

Hotel Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, had once said,
“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.”

The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Hotel is a hotel that has proven to offer that said refuge. I had booked a one night stay with the wife, in one of their famous Luxury Club Millesime rooms. The lobby was an open-air affair, with high walls littered with beautiful lanterns which design was a true French-Arab flair.

The staff were diligent and efficient with their smiled “Bon Jours” all around. Check-in was seamless, and in within 15 minutes, we were in our room; granted, our room was a long walk to the end of the hall of the 2nd floor, but definitely worth it I might add. Read on to know why!

Treat your Body with the Respect it Deserves

Treat your body like a temple. Treat it with love and the respect it deserves. It carries you. It takes you places. It helps you feel. It helps you exhibit emotions and take action. And it's you, so why not treat it well?

I'm not saying to eat your greens and exercise every single day; as much as it's preferred for everyone to do that, you don't necessarily have to. I'm saying that you should listen to your body and give it the love and attention it needs.

Maintaining Your Positive Self-Image

After overcoming the issues of self-image, and after accepting that you are worth it and that you are amazing, you live your days where you feel like nothing can stop you, and that you can overcome absolutely anything and everything. But there comes a time when you struggle with keeping it together and maintaining the self-confidence you built up through time. You look at yourself and can't help but point out the number of imperfections you see, and can't help but feel envious when you see someone doing better and achieving more than you. How do we hold up the ladder to keep from falling?

Overcoming your issues with self-image may have been a little difficult, but maintaining your positive self-image and reminding yourself that you are good enough, is a challenge that you should take, because, why not?

How Yoga Helped Me Recharge

A few weeks ago, my schedule got booked with things I don't even remember; this happens way too much, I barely remember what happened yesterday. But I do remember being so busy that I had to stop practicing yoga. My body craved for it, but I couldn't make time for it, at all. As much as I wanted to get down and do a downward dog and some sun salutations, my body was way too tired to roll my yoga mat out. It was the first time in a very long when the most exciting part of my day would be bed time. Crawling under my sheets as the AC blew cold air to cool down the blazing humidity that summer has to offer. Bedtime became the best part of my day.

Finally, one late night when my mind was working too much to sleep, my yoga mat miraculously rolled out in front of me and the next thing I knew it, my arms were sore from sun salutations. Here is how yoga helped me recharge in the past week.

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