Date Dress

November 3, 2014

That one dress you see in a store and you just know. Yes, this is the perfect dress. Scenes of yourself in that dress, having a great time, flash before your eyes. It's absolute perfection. When you see that dress a shining light shines down onto it and you hear chants of "ahhh" in the background. It's the dress that's meant for you, that's mean for that perfect date. 

Now tell me at least some of you ladies own a date dress. Tell me I'm not a hopeless romantic who saves at least two dresses for the perfect date with the perfect person. 

First off, this is the same dress I wore in my One Night Abroad post, but I wore it as a skirt instead of a dress. I just love turning dresses into skirts.

So, I told my best friend, Michelle, about said date dress and went hysterical. "You're an idiot! Wear that dress! Don't keep it hidden! Just wear it for you." And I said, okay. So this dress may be my date dress, but she's right, it's too pretty to keep hidden from the world, so I wore it for me.

The denim heart shaped cut is my favorite part of the dress, that and the baby blue denim color. It's a dress that I see myself going on a picnic date with my significant other. It's a dress that makes me feel free, it's weird but it does. Let's all agree that dresses have a way of making us feel weird unimaginable things. 

| Dress - H&M | Boots (similar, similar)- Forever 21
| Belt - New Look | Necklace - Spencer's |

Do you all have a date dress or date outfit for your perfect date? 
Leave a comment because I'd love to know. :) 

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