Do You Believe in Mermaids?

October 31, 2016

The past few Halloweens were filled with the excitement of chocolates, decorations, pumpkin spice, and dressing up in all black. But this year, my Halloween spirit seemed to have taken a turn. Which is pretty sad.


Your Moment in a Date Dress

October 17, 2016

Back when I was a hopelessly romantic young adult, I had purchased this dress with the idea of a casual dinner date in the summer. Now, still a hopelessly romantic young adult, a few years later, I've grown tired of waiting for the right guy so that I can wear this dress. One day, I decided to fuck it, this dress is cute, and I'm going to wear it whenever I feel like it. And from that day on, it has turned into something much more than a date dress, but a dress for all occasions.


Your Eat, Pray, Love Moment

October 3, 2016

Ever since I watched that movie back in around 2010, I craved for my Eat, Pray, Love moment. I wanted to drop everything and leave. I wanted something more and something new, but of course, it didn't happen since I was only 16 years old and had just started Uni.

I still believed that it would happen someday, though. And that day is will most probably come in very soon when the days turn from color to dull gray's and time would feel like a treadmill than a race. But, when? Even if the day is at it's grayest and time just keeps going, there are times that when we just don't budge because of fear.

We're scared of big changes like spending a whole year traveling, staying in a foreign country for months, learning a new language, or even changing jobs or quitting because you know your soul is slowly dying. Why don't we just drop everything and go? Why don't we ignore our thoughts of what if's and but what about the's and just go for it?