Weather Talk in Emerald Green

November 24, 2014

I hope you all enjoyed the Just You features last week, I sure did. It's inspiring to see people dressing like themselves instead of going all out sometimes. 

We went camping a last weekend – or more like BBQ-ing, running around in boots, playing games, and gossiping, with no sleeping under the stars – for my sisters birthday. It was a surprise that we planned a month back and I have to say, it turned out quite well. Everyone seemed to have a good time. 

The weather wasn't as cold as we expected. I brought my flannel, a hoodie, a scarf and a beanie with me to the campsite hoping it would be freezing, but it was relatively cool. Roaming around in my glow in the dark ghost busters tee and green flannel was enough. 

How was everyone's weekend? 

I took these photos with the hopes of getting some clouds to slide into the shot – since it was relatively cloudy today after the rain last night, and the iPhone weather app says that there would be a thunderstorm. The thunderstorm was a lie. LIEEE. I heard no thunder! Darn you weather app, why don't you ever tell me the truth? 

So the weather today was cloudy, windy, cool, but not COLD. Bahrain and her residence are still waiting on the 18 degrees rainy days to swing by for a visit. Nonetheless, the weather is relatively fine and perfect for long walks by the beach – or sidewalk, or park, or around your house. And of course fine enough to go out in just a short sleeve and a scarf.

| Shirt - H&M | Scarf - Gifted
| Jeans - Bershka | Shoes - Forever 21 |

Have a lovely day everyone! 

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