Book Review: The Trouble with Flying by Rachel Morgan

November 24, 2014

The Trouble with Flying by Rachel Morgan
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Series: The Trouble (#1)

When nineteen-year-old introvert Sarah boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, the last thing she expects is Aiden, the guy sitting next to her who’s never flown anywhere before and refuses to shut up. Hours of random conversation later, they part ways. Sarah can’t stop thinking about Aiden, though, and wondering if she made a terrible mistake letting him go.

Should she abandon her safe, predictable life and go in search of him, or would she be chasing a happily ever after that could never exist in real life?
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The trouble with flying is simple, sweet, funny, and engrossing. I loved it. 

At first, I thought the setting of the entire book would be on a plane or at an airport, but I liked how it wasn't. I liked how the storyline moved passed the plane ride and onto everyday life. 

I found it quite relatable when it came to over thinking about boys, about the last thing you said to them, about what just happened, then eventually concluding to the idea that you're not good enough for them, or they don't see you that way. Sarah and I have that in common, so whenever something similar would pop up, I'd just be nodding my head over and over in agreement "Yes, that's exactly how I feel." 

But one thing that I didn't enjoy was how Sarah has so much low self-esteem and self-confidence in herself. "I'll never be brave enough to do this..." "I'll never be brave enough to do that..." There were times in the book when I wanted to literally slap some confidence into her. I know it's mean but my aggressiveness took over a little bit. 

Aiden on the other hand...whoop. He's just sexy as hell. He's the type of fictional boyfriend every woman wants but can't seem to find. A man who knows from the beginning that you're their one and only. A man who brings out the best in you. A man who gets you. He's perfection – despite minor relationship status' that got dissolved later on. 

The trouble with flying is definitely a recommendation. I recommend it to all the lovely ladies out there who crave for a nice, sweet,  and easy "finding yourself" romance novel. Although, as much as I would love to give this book 5 stars, the way Sarah puts herself down all the time just brings the whole book down with her. 

This book is pretty great nonetheless. 


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