Just You: Sawsan Abdulla

November 21, 2014
Just You, is a little project where a bunch of my favorite people with awesome styles get featured on this platform of mine. This is a week long project that will go on until Friday, 21st November.
The awesome people being featured were asked to style an outfit that makes them feel good and confident about being themselves, and in their own skin. They are to style an outfit that screams out THEM!
Sawsan Abdulla, Yasmeen's younger sister. The two have very different styles. As I said before, Yasmeen is quite elegant when it comes to styling clothes, while Sawsan, she's a lot more grungy, dark, and hipster-ish. She may have multiple personalities inside that mind of hers, but she embraces her dark and grungy side and when it comes to styling clothes – which I just love and hate sometimes. Sawsan, is the reason why I sometimes dress a little grungy-ish. She brings out the dark side of my style. 

This outfit Sawsan picked out for this shoot just screams her. Whenever we would hang out she would always find a way to pair a kimono and a choker with the outfit. Chokers may seem like it's so 90's but seriously, it seems to really suit her. Not many people can pull off a choker and not look like they just stepped out of a 90's film. Sawsan pulls it off really well, and it looks good. 

This kind of outfit is the perfect piece for transitioning to fall, when the weather isn't too cold yet, but getting there – like Bahrain. The crochet back of the kimono gives out the boho feel, which also allows some cool air to seep through the back during a hot summer day. It's definitely one of my favorite pieces about this entire outfit. 

The entire outfit is amazing. It literally screams her. Kimono, boots, red lips, and choker, brings out the grungy witchy side she has in her that everyone secretly admires.

| Top & Kimono - Forever 21
| Jeans - Bershka | Boots - Shop Wild Daisy | Necklace - Etsy 

What do you think of Sawsan's outfit? 
I definitely love it. 

This is the last of the Just You posts. Hope you all enjoyed. Let me know if you would like to see something similar to this on my future posts. It was super fun to host. 

Thank you to everyone who helped out and contributed. Y'all are awesome! *virtual hugs to all of you* 

Have a wonderful day!! 

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