When Vows are Renewed after 25 Years

February 2, 2015

Another year, another wedding or two.

What better way to start off the month of LOVE, than with a wedding post to really feel the love.

Last weekend, I attended my first Christian wedding. It was definitely something different compared to Arab weddings. It's much more romantic since the bride and groom are together for the entire night. Both smiling and glowing with happiness.

This lovely couple is the parents of one of my best gals. They've been married for 25 years and decided to celebrate the quarter of a century together, and I'm guessing a few more years more adding up the years since they met, by renewing their vows. It was the sweetest thing ever.

The bride's dress was boutique bought, and the vail was tailored on. The mermaid shaped dress with sparkling rhinestones that trailed its way down to the chiffon of the dress fitted perfectly with her awesome bod, and made her look 20 years younger. 

Photo creds: Mia Fenella Joyce

The sidenotes about weddings is that there is always that one or two aunts and/or uncles who would ask you "When are you going to get married?" and you will either smile and laugh in acknowledgment or have no choice but to sarcastically reply "Oh, you didn't hear? My wedding is on this day next week". 

How do you all feel about weddings? 
Do you feel Cupid is in the air spreading all that love? 

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