Three Faves of January 2015

January 30, 2015

It's almost the end of January! Damn... Okay, don't panic. It's only 11 months until the year ends, so we still have time to tick off some points on those New Years resolutions.

I couldn't think of a better way to mark off January 2015, than to remember and appreciate the little things that we grew to love and enjoy during this first month of the year – despite the fact that it is still January 30th...I care not for technicalities. No judgement, y'all.

From challenges and busy schedules to relaxing and meditating. Here are a few things I enjoyed this January:

Mark'schedule ® 
To me, one of the best things about New Years is the band new calendars. I bought this calendar from Kinokuniya in Dubai Mall last summer. This calendar is so pretty, clean, and new, that it got me excited for this upcoming year. I'm slowly filling it up with events, birthdays, and toastmasters meetings.

You can buy the calendar at here, BUT, the entire site is in Japanese. So unfortunate if you can't read and understand Japanese, but there is always google translate. That's what I used to manuver around the site.

This is a new thing I started doing, instead of crossing out the day when it ends, I began to tick them off. It gives me the sense of accomplishment for getting through the day. Is that weird?

Twinings Herbal Selection
Teas have become my sanctuary this month. After a stressful morning, I would begin my afternoon with a nice cup of peppermint tea. This Herbal Selection has a little something for different hours of the day. In the mornings we can have Peppermint & Nettle or Lemon & Ginger, in the afternoon you can settle down with Enchinacea & Raspeberry or Pure Peppermint, and by the end of the day you can relax with a nice warm cup of Camomile, Honey, & Vanilla.

I need to grab another box of this selection, mine is going fast.

30 Days of Yoga with Yoga with Adriene
This practice is amazing. I'm on day 12 now, and I feel so energized, calm, relaxed, and I feel like I can take on anything. Adriene from Yoga with Adriene, duh, is an amazing instructor. She's funny, she's laid back, and she knows, understands, and adores the yoga practice. Her instructions are so easy to follow and detailed that you won't even look at the video half the time. 

I'm enjoying this 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene because she starts from the beginning. So if you just started out or decide to continue after a long break, this is the perfect way for you to get back in touch with your yoga practice, plus the 30 day countdown kind of forces you to do this everyday. 

You can check out the Yoga with Adriene website to grab your 30 Day calendar and find what feels good. 

Do you guys have a planner? A cool new calendar that you just love to scribble on? 
Have y'all taken up a fitness challenge before? What was it? 
Tell me, I'd love to hear read about it!


Vision Board of the Year

January 28, 2015

I spent the entire night trying to figure what today's post is going to be about. Since I've gotten the hang of writing four hundred to six hundred word articles, my drive to go out and take outfit photos – on my roof top that is – have diminished quite a bit. In the end, I finally found that one thing that's always been staring at me in the face. My Vision Board.

A Vision Board, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is a board compiled with your goals and dreams. From getting job opportunities and going to your favorite places to getting to your ideal weight and finding out who you are. I like to think of vision boards as a glimpse into our future. When we stare at it, we being to imagine our goals and dreams in action, and if that's not a glimpse into the future, then I don't know what is – unless you're a gypsy, then that's a whole different story.

I've redone my vision board about three or four times last year, and did this vision board help me to achieve my goals for 2014? I don't think anything happened. Honestly I don't remember if I achieved anything in 2014...sad I know, but that doesn't stop me from believing. Don't STOP Be-lie-ving. 

Unsure of the reasons why my belief for vision boards never actually vanished since I realized that nothing happened after it was up for more than 6 months, perhaps it was my drive to keep going, or perhaps it was the amount of hope and faith that maybe one day, one day, I'll get what I've always wanted and what I deserve.

My vision board is placed in a section of my room that I always look at when I'm thinking. It's by my desk so whenever I would look up, deep in thought trying to find the words to express my emotions, it was there. While practicing yoga and morphing my body into the tree pose or dancer pose, my drishti – which is when one focuses on a particular point for concentration and balance – would always be on a pin of my vision board.

If you don't have the budget to buy a pin board and print out photos or cut out images from magazines, you could always use It can work as vision board and it makes things a lot easier since Pinterest has everything from beautiful scenery to inspiring words.

What do you think of vision boards?
Have you all ever made one of your own? 
What does it look like?
So many questions, and so many free space to answer them on the comments below!

Or you could always tweet me. :) 

Have a FABULOUS day everyone! 
Stay inspired!


Book Review: Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester

January 23, 2015
It's 2015 and my reading drive has gone down. I miss those days when I would read until my eye burned. Those were the good days. mmmm.

Today, to mark my first two reads of the year, I'm sharing the reviews for the two books I've been slightly obsessed with. Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester and If There Be Thorns by V.C. Andrews. (If there be thorns review is here)

Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester 
Genre: Romance, War
Buy it Now: Amazon
Read Reviews: Goodreads

They met at the worst possible moment...or maybe it was just in time. David McClain was about to go to war and Lindsey Wood was there at his going-away party, capturing his heart when falling for a woman was the last thing on his mind. While David was serving his country, he stayed in close contact with Lindsey. But war changes a person, and when he came home very little had the same meaning that it had before – including the romance that had sustained him. Was love truly unconquerable, or would it prove to be just another battlefield casualty?
Gooseberry Island is the most nuanced, dramatic, and romantic novel yet from a writer whose ability to plumb the depths of human emotion knows few peers.


Gooseberry Island is a romance novel that tells a story of soul mates that finally find each other.David and Lindsey meet at the worst time since David flies out to Afghanistan the next day, but that doesn’t stop them from having one of the best first dates.

The perspectives would jump from David’s time in Afghanistan to Lindsey’s time back at Gooseberry Island. The love that these two have was real, sincere, and romantic – really romantic. David and Lindsey kept in contact while he was overseas serving his country, with letters, emails, and video chats. Their love grew despite David being a two thousand miles away.

The dialogue between the two protagonists was so corny. Their words to each other felt somewhat forced and sudden. It felt like they were moving a little bit too fast for my pace – but if that’s what soul mates are like, then by all means, go on being corny. Although, I have to say, the amount of times my eyes rolled, when the two met and began falling for each other was too much to count.

This novel started from something sweet, exciting, and corny to something much more serious than the usual romance novels. I was curious to see how it would all end out.

When David returned from Afghanistan, he became a victim of PTSD. The words Steven put together to describe David’s depression was something I took to heart. PTSD is a hard battle to fight, with all the nightmares, flashbacks, and thinking that no one would understand. It’s hard to deal with, but Steven showed that there is always a way out of all that darkness.

This novel shows multiple others who suffer from PTSD and the consequences of not being strong enough to fully pull through. It makes me sad to think of all those soldiers who had passed due to this.

Gooseberry Island is a novel I recommend to those who enjoy reading corny romance and general fiction. With so much going on in the novel, it makes it an easy read that is unputdownable.

Steven Manchester has done it again, with his heart aching tales and thought-provoking words. He’s novels speak messages of goodness in the world that should be appreciated.

What are the books you've all been reading lately?
Have you been reading at all? 

Book Review: If There Be Thorns (Dollanganger #3) by V.C. Andrews

If There Be Thorns by V.C. Andrews
Series: Dollanganger (#3)
Genre: Gothic, Drama, Thriller
Read Reviews: Goodreads
Out of the ashes of evil Chris and Cathy made such a loving home for their splendid children...
Fourteen-year-old Jory was so handsome, so gentle. And Bart had such a dazzling imagination for a nine year old.
Then the lights came on in the abandoned house next door. Soon the Old Lady in Black was there, watching their home with prying eyes, guarded by her strange old butler. Soon the shrouded woman had Bart over for cookies and ice cream and asked him to call her "Grandmother."
And soon Bart's transformation began...
A transformation that sprang from "the book of secrets" the gaunt old butler had given him... a transformation fed by the hint of terrible things about his mother and father... a transformation that led him into shocking acts of violence, self-destruction and perversity.
And now while this little boy trembles on the edge of madness, his anguished parents, his helpless brother, an obsessed old woman and the vengeful, powerful butler await the climax to a horror that flowered in an attic long ago, a horror whose thorns are still wet with blood, still tipped with fire....


I never thought I would enjoy these kind of novels. I thought I would stick with chick-lit and historical romance, but as it may seem, apparently I cannot control my urges to find something screwed up to read.

There is something about this series that has a way of luring the reader in. This is definitely the strongest book that lured me into the gardens. I was so engrossed into the novel that I would do nothing else but just sit and listen to the audiobook that was narrated by Donada Peters. She did an amazing job portraying the characters. She kept everything in place and organized. By the looks of the chapters, the book seemed like a difficult book to narrate since there were many confusing dialogues, but Donada did a tremendous job in the whole narration. 

If there be thorns is an engrossing novel – if you're into the little screwed up family kind of drama with a little morbidity – that is a great addition the the first two Dollanganger series. Andrews writes with so many emotions that got me wanting more but feeling lost at times when things got rough. I was so into the book that when the characters began to feel remorse, I would feel remorse. When they would feel depressed, I would fall towards the dark shadow of depression and then snap out of it after I realize it was the book, and not really me. 

I love this book, screwed up family drama and all. I still am not a huge fan of the incest – because that's just gross – but it made the book twice as interesting. 

A highly recommended series for those who enjoy indulging in their inner craving for something much more screwed up than their own lives. It is a book that will make you go "WAW" "WHAT?" "OMG PLOOOT TWIST!" and "GASP!"

Would ya'll read a book that's much more screwed up that your life?

Highland Layers

January 21, 2015

To all the Scottish Highland readers out there, I have been meaning to join your company for sometime now. I'm sorry I took so long, but I'm here now.

It wasn't until I watched the Outlander TV Show on Starz when my Highlander Romance addiction grew. The fantasy of being swept off my feet by a large highland scotsman with a deep voice and a sexy accent, have crossed my mind many times and it turned into my sanctuary when things didn't go right outside my fantasies.

Okay talking about fantasies doesn't sound quite right. It feels too awkward... We need to have some sort of agreement about fantasy retellings like a Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine kind of thing.

But, who doesn't sometimes dream of a bulky scotsman with an accent and bright eyes looking down at you while he tells you the reasons he loves you? *blush*

I have been in love with this grid cardigan since I got it for for Christmas. My sister gave it to me along with a card that said something like "I hope you find a sexy highlander with this" since it kind of looks like a plaid coat.

Since the weather has gotten quite cool – and when I mean cool, I mean needing to jump up and down to produce heat in ones body-cool.  – layers, layers, layers is all I can think of when I get dressed in the morning. Layering, like any other woman who adores fashion out there, is the best part about winter. Layering seems to be all we got when we don't have a physical scotsman to keep your warm.

Cardigan & Heels - New Look | Dress - Forever 21
| Sweater (similar) - H&M | Necklace - Ebay

Hope everyone's day is going FABULOUSLY!


6 Quotes to Boost You Up

January 19, 2015
Photo source: Bigstock

There was a time when I would constantly go on Pinterest for the quotes. Yes, it wasn't always about the fashion or the food. Every morning, while I have my breakfast I would pin quote after quote after quote onto my Quotes and Words board. I know that I've over-pinned when my sister tells me that her feed is flooded with quotes.

Here are a few quotes to make you feel FABULOUS and get through the week!

  • "You have to do what's right for yourself, nobody else is walking in your shoes.
  • "All you need is love and a good cup of coffee (or tea)"
  • "One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can't change. Start each day with a positive thought (Like laughing babies)"
  • "Being deeply loved gives you strength; loving deeply gives you courage." – Lao Tzu 
  • "When you have a bad day, a really bad day, treat the world better than it treated you – Patrick Stump (Lead singer of Fall Out Boy)" 
  • "It takes as much energy to wish as does to plan – Eleanor Roosevelt"

Keep these quotes with you throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. Remember them as you take a plunge to take on a challenge. Remember them as you relax and be thankful. And remember them as you go out into the world and thrive to become the you no one expects you to be. 

Surprise them. *wink* 


Best Pins of the Week #1

January 16, 2015

Most of the world love and adores Pinterest, while the rest either never heard of it or don't know how to use it.

Pinterest-ing is addictive. It really is. Once you pin one, next thing you know it you'll pin ten more. Sometimes you won't even stick to what's on your feed. Sometimes you'll go deep, deep, deep into pinterest (Is it me or does that sound wrong?) with the help of the "related pins" aisle. Good luck getting out of there.

From the yummy to the funny, I found my best pins of the week:

1. The delicious, silky, moist Wellesley Fudge Cake, shared by Sifting Focus. We should really be cutting down on the sugar but a little piece wouldn't hurt, would it?

2. The sweet, puffy, fashionable Pink Tulle worn by Kim Le from Lace and Locks. She looks stunning here, and her hubby makes such a great accessory to the shoot. Haha, I keed. But yes, they both look absolutely adorable, and the skirt is just FABULOUS! It makes one look very elegant and fairy-like.

3. We must inspire with a quote like this; What feels like the end, is often the beginning. Remember these words when you basically feel like shit. Remember that there will always be a tomorrow, and if you feel like everything is going against you, take it one step at a time and breathe. You'll be okay. :)

4. And the humor is what makes our day brighter. This little rascal seems to be enjoying his bath time in the sink tub. It's the most adorable shot from A Life of Love and Letters. When I saw it I literally went, Awwwwww.

What do you think of these pins?
And what are your best pins of the week? 

Keep those fabulous smiles bright, y'all! 


January 14, 2015

For about a year and a month now, I have been shuffling back and forth between my old university – my graduation was on November 2014 btw – and the Ministry of Education here in Bahrain. I cannot believe the processing of my Bachelors degree hasn't come through yet. I mean, what's taking so damn long? And isn't the university supposed to deal with this themselves, to make everything, I don't know, much more efficient and easier for everyone?

Am I pissed? Hell yeah.

What am I going to do about it? Nothing but to grin and bare it. I'm going to play nice and keep up with the good energy.

There have been times when I would march straight into the registration office and complain about how much of a hassle this is for the both of us. There were also times when I would lose it and curse under my breathe at the woman who cut in front of me in line; she probably heard me but whatever! But I've managed to keep it cool on most days – kind of.

On the happy note, despite having a little freak out and a huge headache, I got some things sorted today that would make my tomorrow much easier, and I also have my hot chocolate and the cool weather to make me feel better about the day. Yay.

But what I'm wondering is, do people everywhere else; in other parts of the world, do you all have to deal with things like this when you graduate from university? Or does your uni get it all sorted out by graduation?


Infinity Scarves & Three Ways to Style Them

January 12, 2015

The thing about infinity scarves is that they are limitless, endless, and that's just me stating the obvious. Infinity scarves are like crop-tops with no sleeves that only reach above our boobs, or if we have tiny boobs, we'll be lucky enough to pull it down a little bit more, to get it below the mountains. 

Infinity scarves have been around since 2013? 2012? And they can be worn multiple ways with multiple outfits. They're warm and convenient for throwing over a plain looking outfit. So let me tell you straight up, it's an investment getting an infinity scarf. If you don't have one, get one. If you already have one, good for you. *claps and gives candy* 

Since it's cold over here and in most places of the world, and it's now appropriate to bring out those knitted scarves and style them accordingly. Here are three ways to style them:

The Normal Way

When you don't have time to wrap a scarf around your neck, just throw the infinity scarf over your head and boom! you're ready!

The Hooded Way

Take scarf from the back and hood it over your head like nomad caught in a sandstorm. Arrange that bulk of hair that would probably be sticking out on top, and you're done and ready to head out! 

The Fancy Way

Ahh...the fancy way. This idea came from one of my good friends, Sasha. We went to a wedding and she paired the dress she was wearing with the infinity scarf styled this way. Just pull the scarf over your shoulders, keeping bits of the scarf to cover your neck, and you're done! I think it looks quite vintage and type of scarf you would wear to a gala. It's very fancy don't you say?

| Beanie - ASOS | Scarf (similar, similar)- H&M

What are your ways of styling infinity scarves or a regular scarf? Send me a link and let me know in the comments. I'm always looking for new ways to wear them.

And how are you all enjoying the weather?
I'm loving it!