January 14, 2015

For about a year and a month now, I have been shuffling back and forth between my old university – my graduation was on November 2014 btw – and the Ministry of Education here in Bahrain. I cannot believe the processing of my Bachelors degree hasn't come through yet. I mean, what's taking so damn long? And isn't the university supposed to deal with this themselves, to make everything, I don't know, much more efficient and easier for everyone?

Am I pissed? Hell yeah.

What am I going to do about it? Nothing but to grin and bare it. I'm going to play nice and keep up with the good energy.

There have been times when I would march straight into the registration office and complain about how much of a hassle this is for the both of us. There were also times when I would lose it and curse under my breathe at the woman who cut in front of me in line; she probably heard me but whatever! But I've managed to keep it cool on most days – kind of.

On the happy note, despite having a little freak out and a huge headache, I got some things sorted today that would make my tomorrow much easier, and I also have my hot chocolate and the cool weather to make me feel better about the day. Yay.

But what I'm wondering is, do people everywhere else; in other parts of the world, do you all have to deal with things like this when you graduate from university? Or does your uni get it all sorted out by graduation?

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