Highland Layers

January 21, 2015

To all the Scottish Highland readers out there, I have been meaning to join your company for sometime now. I'm sorry I took so long, but I'm here now.

It wasn't until I watched the Outlander TV Show on Starz when my Highlander Romance addiction grew. The fantasy of being swept off my feet by a large highland scotsman with a deep voice and a sexy accent, have crossed my mind many times and it turned into my sanctuary when things didn't go right outside my fantasies.

Okay talking about fantasies doesn't sound quite right. It feels too awkward... We need to have some sort of agreement about fantasy retellings like a Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine kind of thing.

But, who doesn't sometimes dream of a bulky scotsman with an accent and bright eyes looking down at you while he tells you the reasons he loves you? *blush*

I have been in love with this grid cardigan since I got it for for Christmas. My sister gave it to me along with a card that said something like "I hope you find a sexy highlander with this" since it kind of looks like a plaid coat.

Since the weather has gotten quite cool – and when I mean cool, I mean needing to jump up and down to produce heat in ones body-cool.  – layers, layers, layers is all I can think of when I get dressed in the morning. Layering, like any other woman who adores fashion out there, is the best part about winter. Layering seems to be all we got when we don't have a physical scotsman to keep your warm.

Cardigan & Heels - New Look | Dress - Forever 21
| Sweater (similar) - H&M | Necklace - Ebay

Hope everyone's day is going FABULOUSLY!

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