Just You: Arpitha Sylvester

November 20, 2014
Just You, is a little project where a bunch of my favorite people with awesome styles get featured on this platform of mine. This is a week long project that will go on until Friday, 21st November.
The awesome people being featured were asked to style an outfit that makes them feel good and confident about being themselves, and in their own skin. They are to style an outfit that screams out THEM!

Arpitha from Break Free Girl – a blog that has all kind of tips, tricks, and fun articles on fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle. I love how Arpitha's look is so comfy and free in this photo, plus I adore the scarf and the teal top. 

Please make way for Arpitha!

Tunic - Custom made Denim Skinnies -  ShopBop 
Scarf - Nordstrom Flipflops - HAVAIANAS 
Photos by: D. Scott Clark

I love tunics and scarfs and in India that is the most common style of dressing you will see. I chose this outfit because it just screams me. I feel super comfortable in this outfit. This has always been my go to outfit when I am confused. This is something my readers do not know about me. I am that kind that has to be comfortable in my clothes at least in my everyday life and I believe that being happy and free is the way to live no matter what others think!

She's right. Being happy and free is the way to live. It will definitely get you through hard times. 
Do you all agree?

Don't forget to check out Break Free Girl for awesome tip and tricks, and fun articles on fashion, beauty and more! 

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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