Just You: Sarah Barcelona

November 19, 2014
Just You, is a little project where a bunch of my favorite people with awesome styles get featured on this platform of mine. This is a week long project that will go on until Friday, 21st November.
The awesome people being featured were asked to style an outfit that makes them feel good and confident about being themselves, and in their own skin. They are to style an outfit that screams out THEM!
Sarah (Sasha) is one my best of friends. We've known each other since high school but only became close when we went to uni together. Her style is the perky/sporty kind. Sometime she'll dress in a flora dress with high pumps, and other times she'll dress in some jeans and a sporty top with a long necklace. I love this floral dress on her, it fits perfectly around her pearl shaped bod. 

The thought of having her photos on my blog, got her a little camera shy, so her features will have to stay hidden for now. 

Give it up for Sasha! 

I’m just a simple lady with a simple taste who began to appreciate a flowery dress.  As you can see I do not wear too much accessories, one necklace is enough. It turns out to be pretty after all.

An adaptation to minimalism does not make your outfit boring after all. The little things you add makes it prettier.

“Simplicity is beauty”

I really want to thank my dearest friend Nada for giving me such a good opportunity to share with you a part of me through fashion in her blog.

All the best for your blog posts and God bless you.  =D

| Dress & Necklace - Ebay |
| Belt - Gifted Shoes - Fiona, Payless |

Aww, she just the sweetest.
She's right, simplicity is beauty.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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