Windy Days

November 2, 2014

The cold weather has arrived. Okay not really. It's still 30 degrees outside but the wind is definitely blowing. 

Yesterday for all saints day, my mom and I were trying to light a candle on the roof top to honor the dead, but it just kept blowing out because the wind was blowing everywhere. We ended up putting the candles in the a hallow block. I wonder if it got blown out or melted.

This was the exact same outfit I wore to uni. I had gone to check if my degree had been done processing, but the security wouldn't let me in because my skirt was too short. I was so angry that day, but eventually got over it...kind of. Too short? Seriously? I'm an alumni for heavens sake. 

| Dress - Forever 21 | Cardigan (similar) - Bershka |
| Boots  (similarsimilar) - New Look Necklace - Spencer's 

On a happy note, I dyed the bleached parts of my hair turquoise again, but I'm thinking of chopping all my hair off and going for a nice curly bob cut, but I know I'll miss my long locks once it's cut. Perhaps I'll cut it all off when I go through a really bad heartbreak, since that's what some of us do, we chop all out hair off after a heartbreak. Do you know anyone who chopped off their hair after a bad breakup?

And what do you think? Should I cut my hair short? 

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