That one accent

September 19, 2014

You know that feeling when you listen to an audiobook for 7-8 hours straight while doing chores and such, the narrators voice and accent just sticks to you head like it's your own voice. So when you try to voice out the accent of the narrator; be it British English, Scottish English or whatever, it just doesn't come out right and you end up sounding like a person who's trying too hard. No? Yes? Just me? ... Kaaaay

I've been listening to quite a few audiobooks lately, and my minds accent has changed from the American English to a Scottish English accent within a week. So recently my mind functions in a Scottish accent. Yay! 

It's the Outlander audiobook which is read by Divina Porter that I've been listening too. It's pretty good, she takes me into my own imaginary 1700 Scotland. And of course, all this has happened because the Outlander TV show started a few weeks back and based on ONTD, everyone seems hooked on it.

If you all are unfamiliar with Outlander, it is a highlander series written by Diana Gabaldon in the 90's. The series is about a British woman who honeymoons with her husband to Scotland in the 1940's after World War II, and accidentally finds herself transported 200 years earlier; 1700's, through a bunch of pagan rocks in the middle of no where; no not the stone hedge. So she travels back through time and finds herself in the middle of the war between the English and the Scotts. 

That's all I get from the series and books so far. Oh and let's not forget the lovely dovey romance drama that everyone is routing for, and all the history that histo-greeks like me are enthralled in. 

Top - Ebay | Dress - New look | Shoes - Paprika |
Feathered earring - Wet Seal Necklace - House of Blues (Bitsy) |

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

Since I didn't just want to wear the regular plain emerald green dress, I paired it with my patterned button up which I tied at the front; to turn the dress into a skirt, and of course my turquoise thick heels. It somewhat has a 60's feel to it. Don't ya'll think so? 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far!

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