Everyday boho bag essentials

September 17, 2014

My to-go bag recently has been this quite handy and slightly fragile if overwhelmed with heavy items.

My dad brought this bag home from either India or China like 10 years ago, and at the time, one look at it turned my face blank and grim. I didn't know whether I liked it or was slightly nauseated by it but thanked him anyways and dumped it at the furthest depth of my closet.

But years later, when I found it lurking around in the shadows, I thought it looked pretty wearable. It came in two colors and designs. They are both now hanging for me to use it at any time.

When I was first handed the bag my eyes were clouded with what was cool that year and was much interested in the color black; remember those years?, but now, I see its beauty with its woven design and organic feel.

I am secretly waiting for a day it'll give in and rip at the strap or on the bottom due to my tendencies to squeeze everything in there whenever I shop. It will give me a chance to make a little bit of alterations here and there while I repair it. Just waiting for the day...

Sometimes you're just in a rush so you grab your bag and just leave without checking if everything you need is there. So you have to bare without the things you forgot to put in, for the entire day. Here's a quick tip: pack your bag the night before and make sure you have your essentials with you at all times. 

My to-go essentials that happen to always be in my bag:

Wallet (similar)
Body Spray (Sephora)
Lip Balm (EOS Summer Fruit)
Hand sanitizer (Bath & Body works)
A little bag of goodies (for feminine dealings)
And maybe a book 

Half the time I forget I have these things in there and just swipe it over my shoulder and leave the house. As long as my wallet and keys are in there, everything else is forgotten. Until my lip goes dry or I see a very attractive male specimen, then some lip balm and body spray are always there to save the day. 

What is in your bag? What are your essentials? 

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