Midnight Munchies and Floral

September 23, 2014

After reading for countless hours of the night; okay countless hours is a little too exaggerated, but doesn't the sentence sound pretty interesting?... Anyway, one then realizes that it's almost 2am, they're wide awake, and are too engrossed in the book their holding under a flashlight to bother with sleeping. Then a sudden craving for something sweet/salty and crunchy swooshes by. Midnight munchies...

Do you ever get those? 

That out of the blue craving to eat something? It can get really bad because there will be times when your tummy agrees with you by giving a out a little rumble, which will probably throw you off your diet. But YAY anyways because it gives you an excuse to munch while reading/watching your favorite TV show. (Though I have to say that it's quite hard to munch and read at the same time, sticky fingers and all) And who cares about diets anyways! I'm sure y'all already look as gorgeous as I imagine! Love yourself and how you look is the only way to deal. :) 

But I say that it can get really bad because midnight munchies rarely happen every night, and when it does, I wake up finding cookie crumbs or cereal on my bed the next morning. I fear a clan of ants would attack me in my sleep.

Dress (similar) & Sandals - Forever 21 Denim blouse (similar) - H&M 
Necklace - Accessorize (similar|

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

Another great outfit for the last few weeks of summer. I do hope you all are feeling that cool autumn winds wherever you are, since I'm here itching to whip out my coats and sweaters and trying not to die begging for the cold air and rain to hit Bahrain. 

How about those midnight munchies? 
Let me know if you get those so I don't feel like the weird one.

Stay loving everyone, especially to yourself! :3 

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