Purple Roses

August 11, 2014

We finally went to Florida Mall and my cousin spotted a section of floral crowns at Wet Seal, I went crazy and took everything off the rack to try and decide which one to get. I got two crowns but one of them were too small so I gave that to my cousin, and kept this purple clown/headband. It makes me feel like a fairy princess or a hippie when I wear it.  

So far, Orlando has been great. The weather has been amazing, and by that I mean usual the cool winds and random showers that people always mention. I love the random showers, but the thunderstorms are a big no no. All that thunder scares the life out of me. 

We attended the Indie Bookfest Convention; and yes I wore the floral crown to the convention as well, and met such wonderful people and amazing authors. Got some freebies and bought some books too. I had to stop myself from buying all those books because I'm worried they wont fit in my luggage. And I was right, with half of the souvenirs packed my luggage is already quite full, and I still need to do a little bit more shopping! 

Dress & Shoes - Forever 21 Headband - Wet Seal |
Bag - Gifted |
Photo creds: Sawsan Abdulla

Have a great Monday y'all!!

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