A Day in Orlando

August 8, 2014

After traveling for more than 24 hours from Bahrain to Orlando, Florida, we all were exhausted and passed out the moment we hit the pillow; my siblings, cousin, and I that is. 

Sadly enough, I haven't had a proper goodnights' rest in about three days, and marking last night was day four. I woke up at around 5 am since my dear cousin had health issues so I got up and sleepily rushed by her side.

By around 10 am, we all had our breakfast and decided to roam the city for a while. Our taxi dropped us at one of the Walgreens; since we had to pick up a prescription, and oh my goodness, I am seriously happy that we spent less than an hour in there, at least I think we did...

After Walgreens, we were unable to find a taxi anywhere to take us back to our hotel. So we walked on the sidewalks, hunting down zebra crossings that would lead us toward the direction of our hotel. Why is it so hard to find a taxi in Orlando? The sun was at it's peak, our feet were starting to hurt, and getting lost wasn't making it easier. Eventually we found A hotel, and asked if they could call us a taxi. 

I'm just very grateful that it isn't as hot as it usually is in Bahrain at 11 am. Thank you cool Orlando winds! 

Top - Thrifted  | Shorts  & Sandals - Forever 21 Bag - Gifted |
Necklace - Accessorize |
Photo creds: Najla Qamber

A few hours into hunting for a taxi, my shorts began to fall as a result of forgetting to bring a belt. I ended up switching shorts with my sister when we got back to the hotel. Yay for that! Reminder: Buy new shorts! 

Despite all that, the people over here are really nice and pretty random. I'm so used to the strict way of formal talking and lack of small talk in Bahrain, but over here it's all so smooth, random, and funny to hear. 

How is everyones Friday doing? All doing well I hope! :)

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