Gratitude List: Yogi's, Travel Plans, and more

August 28, 2017

We're quickly moving towards the end of the year, can you believe it? So, I thought I'd write a gratitude post with the list of things I'm grateful for this month. I can't believe that by next week, August would be over and it'll be September. It scares to watch time go so quickly, next thing we know it, it'll be August 2018! Gah. Slow down a bit time!

Yoga classes with amazing yogis Travel plans for the future • Friends who care • The art of meditation, especially before bed My new baby blue halter dress • Understanding employers • Home-cooked meals • Annoying yet supportive brother • Exciting travel experiences of friends and family • My recently acquired strength of stopping and thinking before hand • Friends to party with when you want to escape • Buzzfeed Unsolved • Beach days • Random gifts • The beauty of AC's in Bahrain • Chocolate for comfort when times get rough, especially dark chocolate ice cream • Feel good music to sing along to while waiting in traffic • Karak tea for after 3 PM • The love that reminds me to get back up

And the list can go on and on but I stopped myself right there before it got excessive and the gratitude vibes lose depth if you know what I mean.

Have you sat down and thought of what you were grateful for recently?

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