Back in the Groove

June 21, 2017

You know those times when you need to do something and throughout the day you forget about it but when you go to sleep that night, you suddenly remember? So, you make a note to do it tomorrow morning or that afternoon, then you forget again, and the cycle goes on and on and on.

Sad to say, that's what was going on over here. Every time I remember about writing a blog post, the feeling of guilt would washed over me and I would force myself to sit in front of this empty New Post page on Blogger. And just like that page, I was blank. I would type up a line or two but it wouldn't feel right. I didn't know which angle to take or what I wanted to say.

Finally, I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to write this blog post. I wanted to get back into the planning, the scheduling, and the writing. I didn't force myself this time but just let my fingers flow across the keyboard and wrote.

So here I am in this gorgeous outfit of floral and burgundy that I adore, and smiling (sort-of) like I'm ready to get back into the groove of getting my voice out there, and being badass, fearless, shameless, and brave. We got this!

| Top & Scarf - Gifted | Skirt - Stradivarious | Shoes & Necklace - Call it Spring |
| Earrings & Watch - ALDO | Bag - Forever 21 | 

Have you fallen out of something that you've been wanting to get back into?
How about try it one more time, just to see if it's meant just for you.
You got this! We got this! Let's do this! Yes!

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