Wear it With Pride

March 14, 2017

I've got loads of dresses that I've been dying to bust out since the temperature dropped this winter. And I finally did, not once, but twice with this Emerald Bodycon Long Sleeved Dress.

This dress was actually one of those that I was keeping for a rainy day when my muffin top wasn't too visible, and my thighs looked thinner. Then I decided to wear it anyway despite what flaws I think I have, with the curves, the thighs, and the semi-dark knees.

I've grown up teaching myself how to love my body; curves, thick thighs, and all that, so why should we go back now. 

Clothes that don't fit right have a way of diminishing our confidence in a second. When they're too tight or too loose, frustration looms over and leaves a dark cloud hovering over us. They're things that are meant to accentuate what you're meant to have, not what you hate. If a dress is too loose, there is a better dress for you out there that is meant to hug your curves beautifully. If those jeans are too tight, then there is a better pair that is meant to feel cozy and make your butt look ah-mazing. 

When I wore this dress, I felt great. I was strutting down the street with my head high and my hips swaying; naturally of course, LOL. This, I have to say is one of my favorite outfits to wear this winter. 

| Dress - Red Tag | Cardigan - Gifted | Boots - Call it Spring | Necklace - I AM |
| Heart Chakra Bracelet - Earthbound Trading | Watch & Earrings - ALDO |

Strut down the streets in that outfit that's been sitting in your closet for a rainy day. Wear it with pride and show the world what you got.


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