Meditate Peace

December 22, 2016

I was reading Gabby Bernstein's book last night; trying to catch up to my Goodreads Reading Challenge. And I got to the chapter where she mentioned Maharashi Maheshi Yogi's prophecy. 

Maharashi theorized that when groups of people meditate together with shared intentions of peace, their alpha brain waves become synchronized. The coherence of brain waves then causes people who are not meditating to receive the same properties in their subconscious minds. – Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has My Back

As I was meditating today, I recalled what Gabby had written and I began to picture that I was with a group of people. We were sitting and meditating peace. I could feel the energy oozing and goosebumps started to grow. I could feel something lit up inside me, no idea what it was but it felt great. I feel like it's one of those spiritual experiences that sort of stick with you, you know?

With all that's been happening around the world, it's hard to focus on the good when so much bad is out there. The deaths, the crimes, the corrupted. We do what we can with donations, and if that isn't enough, we send what positive energy we can to those in need of it through prayer and meditation.

What if a large group of people came together and meditated peace? It amazes me to imagine the amount of good energy that spread out would brighten the days those who are having a not so good day, and would elevate those who are having a pretty great one just through meditation.

Come to think of it, there has been something called Mediation Flash Mobs that were done in the UK back in 2011 that gave me goosebumps, and even in the US during the elections.

Maharashi's prophecy would stick with me just like a spiritual experience. In time when I would need it the most, my mind would bring me back to that idea. I love it when a group of people come together to spread the love, it's such a beautiful sight and overwhelming feeling. I'm definitely hunting out for one of these mediation flash mobs wherever I go, just to add into the energy that could do wonders.

Happy Holidays my darling readers!
Send some good energy out this year!

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