LUSH: The Cosmetics Store You've Been Waiting For

September 24, 2016

From a kilometer and a half away, you’ll be able to catch a whiff of it. From the steps down the escalator, your nose is filled with the aroma that some call the Lush signature scent. Lush opened recently in Bahrain, and I cannot tell you how excited everyone was when they announced that there were only three days left until the opening. And after months of anticipation, it’s finally here, and we’re hoping that they’ll be here to stay.

Upon entering the store that gladly welcomes everyone with their glassless walls and doorless doors, you dive right into the world of Lush. From skincare and haircare to bath bombs and beauty products the store is surrounded by color, shapes, and a touch of their signature black color scheme that fit in perfectly with the millennial vibe. The staff welcomes you with a smile and a whole load of information that’s just about ready to come out. They’re amazingly nice, warm, and patient, and will instantly become your best friend when you’re looking for the right product.

With that, let’s just say that I walked out with my hands feeling soft as ever, my hair absorbed with Lush’s signature scent, and with a bag of goodies that’s been running low on stock in my beauty closet. I am happy, very very happy.



Lush, your route to natural, homemade, and eco-friendly products for face, body, and hair. Remember, when in doubt as to which product to pick up, feel free to ask a staff member, they’ll give you a list to try, reasons to try it, and advice on skin and body care; plus they’re super friendly and would gladly help out.

Huge thanks to Sarah for hooking me up, and for the gorgeous Koleen for showing me around.

Stop by at Lush in Seef Mall, Ground Floor (next to Starbucks) when you're ready for a good home-spa day. Follow them on Instagram @lushseefmall

Congratulations Lush!
And go crazy, Lushies!

PS. Lush does not only serve the women and young ladies out there, but there have a few nifty products for the handsome men out there too! 

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