Discovering Who You Are

April 25, 2016

The sea breeze rustles through your hair as you stand at the edge of the beach. Opening your arms wide to take the deepest inhale you've taken all day and exhale with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love. 

That is the image that comes to mind when I think of the moment when we discover who we are. Of course, it doesn't happen that way, it usually happens over time, doesn't it? We do something for the longest time and finally ask ourselves, "Is this what I really want to do?" "Is this what I love?" "Is this me?" It is when you answer yes and/or no to these questions that bring you one step closer to discovering who you are.


Maybe Those Goals Aren't for You

April 18, 2016

It's scorching hot again. We have to either go out with sunglasses on or a hat these days. Although, this little outfit was sitting in my drafts for a few weeks waiting to be posted up. My comfy, cosy, semi-casual, winter wear. When just a few weeks back, it was hailing for the first time in years and the weather was bipolar, now it's hot hot hooot and not very beach friendly with the strong sun burning our skin. But, that doesn't stop us from smiling while squinting our eyes from the bright bright ball of flame.

Let's take a moment to reflect on how the year was going so far. Are your resolutions intact? Have you accomplished 0.5% of your goals? Good for you if you have! Be proud of yourself! And if you haven't, well perhaps those goals aren't meant for you.


Reconnecting to You

April 4, 2016

Through the days of over-booked schedules and passing out once we reach sanctuary we call our beds, we tend to lose ourselves in the process of achieving our goals. That was one of my major fears of getting a real job that gets me out of the house from 7-5, 5 days a week. A real job in a real office with different kinds of people in one building. A real job that would literally suck the life out of me and make me forget who I was. The fear that I would be too tired to think of my dreams and just think of the duties that come with my real job. The fear that I would be too exhausted to reconnect my mind, body, and soul. 

Through my 22 years, I've known a few people who would devote their lives to their job. There was a time when I would see them on a regular basis for coffee or dinner, but as they got their new jobs, I began to see less of them. When I do, they would always look so pale and drained, and all they would do is say how tired they were and how much work their bosses made them do. They would bring everyone down with their exhausted aura's and unmovable dreams of quitting and moving far far away.