Radiating that Powerful Aura

August 3, 2015

Every outfit gives the wearer their own set of aura's. Whether they're wearing a chiffon top, patterned leggings and some flats or a summer dress with some sandals. Each and everyone has their own set of aura's and the outfit they feel good in manifolds those aura's to make them even brighter and stronger. 

You see a woman pass by with her mid-length quarter sleeve blue A-line dress and her two-inch nude heels clicking on the tiled floor. She's holding her black clutch in one hand and sleek briefcase on the other. She isn't pacing passed you in a hurry, she's walking swiftly with grace and a smile on her face. What aura do you think is radiating off her? She could be radiating love, kindness, and creativity, but she could also be radiating power, intelligence, and sensitivity. 

Either or how I described what she was wearing and the air of how she walked could make her aura twice as strong. You could be having a crappy day but when a person with so much goodness and confidence walks by you in an outfit that you think looks absolutely fabulous, the aura that they're radiating is so strong that you can soak it up. 

| Top - Forever 21 | Pants & Bag - Thrifted | Watch - Parfois |
| Necklace - Universal Studios, FL | Shoes - H&M

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

So dress up in your best dress with your highest or most comfortable pair of footwear and become the person that radiates the aura so strong it'll get soaked up by everyone you pass. Go forth, confidently strut that badass booty and feel the independence and fierceness radiating off you like a bright light that could shun all darkness.

Stay true to you and be fabulous! 
Have a badass Monday y'all! 

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