Tie the Tiny Knot

March 2, 2015

Did I wear this outfit on the blog already? I feel like I did...I need to get new clothes, but for now, whateves. I love this outfit and I'm going to wear what I want as many times I want to.

Wait, it's March already? What? Okay, don't panic, there is still about 10 more months to go until 2016. I think we're good until June. So we can chill and continue doing all those awesome things that we started doing since the New Year! Yes! Keep it up, girl! (or guy!)

On to the outfit that I think I already wore on the blog...I don't know if this suffices as a Fashion Hack, but it's quite a nice alternative to the usual business casual wear. Instead of tucking in that blouse into my jeans, I undid the last two or three buttons and tied a little knot on the end. It looks like I sort of did tuck my blouse into my jeans, but I didn't. Sneaky, yeah?

| Blazer & Bag - Forever 21 | Blouse - Ebay Jeans - Bershka
| Belt - Tilly's Shoes - Centerpoint (Paprika) | Necklace - Thrifted |
Photo Creds: Sawsan Abdulla

What's your favorite fashion hack? Do you have one?
And do you use it often?

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