It's My Wallet and I Against the World!

March 5, 2015

It's been almost a year and a half since I changed my wallet. To me, wallets are more of a constant accessory that requires replacement every year or two. And when the time comes to change it, I doubt whether I should actually change it or not. Sure, my old wallet had tears all around it, and the stitching was falling apart. So it was still kind of okay-looking...

It's hard to part with an old ragged wallet that doesn't really mean much. I've held it in my hands as it fell apart and scattered away, *cue dramatic music*. A wallet is one of the things I would always have with me and never leave behind, and parting with a wallet that you've had for more than a year or two, it's difficult. Some wallets may be too small, or too big. You can never find one that's just as perfect as the one you have. 

It sometimes feels like I'm sending my only child off to college. I don't want to let him/her go. Not that I know how that feels, but you get what I mean.

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

This new fake Louis Vitton wallet was gifted to me by my dad when he went to China sometime last year. I don't really mind that it's fake, as long as it can carry my essentials – Identity cards, membership cards, hair ties, phone, and inspiring notes, and oh yeah, money and credit cards too. can't forget those...

It's a little bit smaller than the wallet that I had, but I'm feeling like this change gave me a physical acceptance that change can be good. It's labyrinthine to fully explain it in depth, but when I fully accepted that this was going to be my wallet for another year or so, I felt like I was ready to take on the world. It's my fake Louis Vitton wallet and I against the world! Is it weird that I feel this way about a fake wallet? 

How often do you change your wallet? 
Do you get the all emotional when you do?

PS: I should've taken photos of this outfit. I was so blue that night! :(

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