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December 14, 2014
Blogmas Day 14

There are so many type of beanies out there, and there are way too many to choose from. We've got those summer crochet type beanies, knitted beanies, fluffy beanies, and don't get me started on the ones with pom-poms or different knitted patterned ones. It feels like going to a store with a hat sale. Waaw who doesn't want that? 

The best kind of beanies, in my honest opinion, are winter beanies. There was a time when my dad came home from China with a whole load of beanies and I had an abundant supply of them for a while. Until I decided to give some of them away or divide them with my sisters, so now I've got only about seven pieces. That still feels like a lot, but you can never have too many beanies, right?

Here are a few types of winter beanies to keep us warm throughout these cold december days and nights. Brrrr...

Oversized Fluffy Beanie

Cuffed Beret Fluffy Beanie

Slouchy Fluffy Beanie

Hipster Straight-up Beanie 

Capped Beret Beanie

And my all time favorite Animal Beanies

Y'all may have noticed, some names of the beanies are made up. Despite the many options of beanies, most of them don't have names and people get confused when you ask the sales lady "Do you have a slouchy fluffy knitted beanie with a pom-pom?". Though being descriptive, the sales lady would probably look back at you with a blank expression.

But is there a proper list of beanies with their rightful names that I don't know about? If there is someone link it me.
What are you favorite type of beanies? 
Let me know in the comments! :) 
Have a jolly day everyone!

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