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December 17, 2014

Blogmas Day 17

*cue sleigh bells*

After trying to fix my lipstick in the car while one of my best friends was driving like a crazy person, we finally made it to our destination. The place that's about 10 minutes away from where I live – perks of living in a tiny country. The Market 338

The Market 338 is where hipsters, families, and friends – but mostly hipsters – go, to find some good home baked pastries, over priced handmade jewelry, and for some good music. It is something that's been going on every year since...well, since last year I think, so I'm not surprised to find a huge crowd crowding the stalls. 

Last night was something different, since it was Bahrain's National Day – yay for that. It turned into something called Bahrain's Noor Al Ain Festival which means "Bahrain, the light of our eyes" or at least that's what google tells me. It's a four day festival around the kingdom to not only celebrate the National day but to also celebrate the pride and spirit the citizens have for the Kingdom. So the crowds were twice as large as the market was used too. We had to squeeze our way through with our "Sorry" "Excuse me" "Sorry my bag touched your butt" and "Can you move please" to get to the other side of the market. 

I've always liked what Al Riwaq – the organization behind Market 338 – does with the space given to them. I mean look at this. They used a sink as a flower pot!

Sweater (similar) - H&M | Jeans - Bershka
| Boots - Forever 21 |

Despite it being the middle of December, I put my hair up when the crowd of people started to roll in. The body heat was killing me, plus the sweater wasn't helping. I went for something plain, simple, and earth-toned for my outfit that night. And I completely forgot to put on a necklace. I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible since I know I'd be standing and walking around the entire night. 

Okay, we can completely forget what I said over on this post about how I wasn't able to see my favorite local artist play since I had to be elsewhere. It turns out he had a mini concert last night – yaaay. Okay enough with the yaays.

Mo Zowayed and Iba Al Mohsen *dances*

I've spoken about Mo  when I first saw him and his band – or is it his backup band – play at Museland Festival earlier in the year. I was pretty excited to see them play again. They have this positive, mellow, peaceful vibe radiating off them whenever play live – it's all Mo basically but Iba and his little djembe adds a really nice touch to the entire show.

Visit Mo Zowayed's website and SoundCloud to hear some of his music and get updates on his next shows. If you like what you hear, look out and keep those fingers crossed for a CD release soon. 

And here are a couple more photos of the night.

Photo creds: Sarah Barcelona

These guys are called Majaz. They play a mixture of the classic arabic tunes with a slightly modern twist. They're music has it's ups and downs. From the high up beat songs, they're music can easily transform into something soft and dark. They're live presence was great. They brought a little life into the market.,

Have a jolly day everyone!

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