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December 7, 2014

Blogmas Day 7

Yep, I've evolved into a DIY junkie. Everything I need, I think, "Can I make it myself instead of buying it?" These days you can google how to make absolutely anything and there is bound to be at least DIY tutorial for you to follow.

Just like when I googled – or more like pinterest'd, since I pinterest everything nowadays. And I just turned pinterest into a verb, yay! – DIY Snowflakes, I found a bunch of tutorials and patterns that I could follow. Some patterns are just too complicated, that I just end up making my own custom snowflake pattern. Like this:

But how did I make the snowflake in the first place? I made a simple collage for you all to follow. But instead of using a full A4 paper, I just cut the A4 in half, and ended up with A5 paper; which is what I started with.

If I had all the time in the world, I would make a bunch of these and fill the entire how with paper snowflakes. Right now, some of them are attached to my LED lights so that my room can feel wintery and Christmasy. 

I even made tiny ones –which was quite hard to do by the way – that I just put inside a clear phone case so that my phone can join in on the fun and get that wintery feel. 

This is the perfect activity to do with family and friends. 
Remember to use recycling paper instead of the usual blank paper if you can. Let's at least try to contribute to keeping the environment clean – kind of.

Here are a few Snowflake patterns for y'all to copy off of: 

Have a jolly day everyone!!

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