The Weather Forecast

October 8, 2014

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween!"
Okay halloween isn't here yet. Chillax Nada! 

Moving on...Just like many of my previous posts, I enjoy talking about the weather. How hot it is, how much I crave for the cool air, or how cold it would become which then would result to me craving for the hot rays of the sun. It's like we're stuck in the small talk level of conversation by the constant mention of the weather. 

On to the Bahrain's weekly weather report. *cue news anchor background music*. Bahrain has cooled down a bit with slightly cool winds that caused a little bit of a sandstorm today. Yay for that. But based on the iPhone weather app, it says that after today's windy experience the country will continue to be bright and sunny for the next few weeks along with the slowly depleting temperature. It will stay above 30 degrees for the next week, so keep your sandals and short sleeves on and enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts. But then again, do we really trust this iPhone weather app?

Blazer - Stradivarious Blouse - Forever 21 
Pants - Bershka Shoes - Paprika 
Photo creds: Yasmeen Abdulla & Najla Qamber

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Don't let the weather bring you down! :)

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