Good Skin in Casual

October 27, 2014

The one thing I noticed while I was in Dubai for the weekend was the fashion ads. I am unsure whether it was for the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience event ads or just a random clothing store ad; I noticed that the models had waaay too much make up on, and their hair just didn't go with the entire look and theme of the ad. 

It's not just Dubai, it's here in Bahrain and I'm sure all around the middle east as well. I'm sorry but all these magazine clothing ads that are locally distributed look like their trying too hard. The big volumized straightened hair, the layers of foundation and eye shadow, and the highest skimpiest pumps. Honey, calm down. 

I don't really have an a big issue with how magazines shoot their photos, it's the people who copy the models make up and hair that I have issues with. 

When I used to go to uni, I would see women with at least 5 layers of foundation on their face that eventually made their it 5 shades brighter than their actual skin tone. That, along with winged eyeliner, a smoky eye, and a thick layer of lipstick they chose for the day. Honey, chill. 

I know you want to look good but doesn't your face get, I don't know, too heavy to carry around all day with that many product stuck on to it?

You don't need to wear 10 layers of foundation and concealer to cover that zit that popped up this morning. Just lightly cover it with concealer, and if it still shows then whatever. That just proves you're human. It's okay to look crappy sometimes because we all have our crappy days/weeks. Plus, your face will thank you when you give it a chance to breathe under those layers. 

| Plaid - Forever 21 | Shirt - Hot Topic |
| Jeans - Bershka | Shoes - H&M | Bag - Gifted
Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Feel good in your own skin.
Look at yourself in the mirror and point out the clear soft skin instead of that zit or white head. 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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