Reasons to get up in the morning

September 8, 2014

Oh what a wonderful thing it was to take a little break from blogging. 

I don't get up at 6am and get dressed up to go out and shoot an outfit like I used to anymore. Getting up at 6am is relatively hard when you don't have a strong solid reason to. So I made a list of reasons that would help me to get up in the morning
  1. Food - With all that sleep, your tummy starts to growl a little once your brain opens up to just a little bit of consciousness, at least that's my belief.
  2. Yoga - I personally don't like feeling too stiff. My body craves for a whole minute in downward dog and plank poses here and there. 
  3. Reading - So many books, so many tomorrows. 
  4. Helping mom and dad - Since my sister had left the house (got married and all that) my parents would sometimes come to me when they are lost in the world of this new technology. 
  5. See the world outside my bedroom
  6. Getting dressed up to wear that new floral top
  7. D.I.Y projects - That DIY project that's sitting by the corner of the room, staring at you. It's calling to you like how those knitting needles and wool are calling to me. 
  8. The weather - Right now I know it's either extremely hot or extremely cold, but who knows maybe tomorrow it'll turn into spring or autumn, and in my opinion those are the best times to go out and run around in that flowy dress you've kept hidden.
  9. TV Series - My rope to sanity. Just like books there are so many good tv shows to watch and so many tomorrows to finish them all in a week.
  10. You body refuses sleep - When your body refuses to the slumber your brain craves for and keeps you awake as you here the birds chirp behind those closed curtains of your room. You know it's time to get up when your body makes you. 
This list was pretty hard to come up with if you don't have proper working hours and enough self discipline to decide what to do with your life. Oh and let's not forget "accidentally" sleeping at 3am which makes it involuntarily impossible to get up at 6am. 

Jacket - New Look | Tee - Wet Seal | Necklace - Accessories (similar)
| Jeans - Bershka | Sandals & Bag - Forever 21
Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

What are your reasons to get up in the mornings besides work, school and kids? Leave a comment, I would really looove to hear them! :3 

Hope everyone is having a good Monday! 


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