Missing Unicorn

May 30, 2014

So a whole lot has happened this past week. My sister is getting married and all the planning is stressing out both her and her groom-to-be. Being an Arab/Muslim wedding, the traditions are a whole lot more confusing comparing to simple non-Arab weddings. I honestly still don't really understand it.

Seeing all the marriage how procedures and planning are being done, I realize now that I want to marry in Vegas. Away from awkward family conversations, wedding complications, and everyone's complaints. Just get married in Vegas. Simple as that. (I'm joking, of course. My parents would disown me if I did)

I've been itching to pull out my new slit maxi skirt ever since it arrived in the mail. At first I wanted to pair it with a crop top, but then I thought of going for something loose and comfortable, so I went for my pretty old Missing Unicorn tee. It's quite hot over on my side of the world, I wanted to take quickly take the photos and get out of the sun before my camera overheats, so please excuse my crunched up expression in these photos.

| Shirt - Lee Cooper | Skirt - Ebay | Shoes - H&M |
Necklace - Philippines | Bracelet - Ebay |

Have you guys attended an Arab wedding before? What was it like?
Keep cool and hydrated people, even if you're indoors! 
Have a great day y'all! 

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