Weekend Brilliance

April 5, 2014
All I can remember from the past week was our very long toastmasters meeting, my birthday brunch. Oh and some little bits and pieces of hanging out with my cousin randomly getting piercings and chilling at a cafe, and suffering the consequences of coffee during the night.

A few years back, coffee would make me sleepy; which is the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do. But I guess as years past of constantly consuming the ever so delicious freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, my body decides to follow the herd of sheep and keep me wide awake at night if I consume coffee after 6pm

As for my birthday brunch, my very close friends from YAT, my siblings and mom, decide to throw me a surprise brunch. But I figured it out in the end. Putting two and two together, going towards a completely different direction as my sister said we're going, and my sister texting on her phone constantly for the past week.

Was I surprised? A bit, but isn't that what matters. At least I was a little bit surprised.

Throughout the brunch, they "surprised" me with a cake and a huge trunk filled with gifts. Apparently I freaked some of the people out by somehow knowing who's gift is from who, and where they bought them. O.O Whopps.
It was fun though, thank you all who came to celebrate my birthday with me. xox

This is the outfit I wore during our Toastmasters meeting.
Blazer, Forever21 | Dress, New Look | Belt,  Forever21 | Shoes (Centerpoint) | Necklace (it was a gift)

And my sister coming into the frame to give me a hug while I was taking photos. 

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