YAT Meeting - International Earth Day

March 31, 2014
I know it's a little early for Earth Day, but for some reason, our toastmasters club; Young Adult Toastmasters (YAT), decided to celebrate it early this year.

Yes, the meeting was themed International Earth Day, and everyone was invited to dress in earth-tones, and solid earth-tones only, no prints. And when a beautiful floral button up just came in the mail from eBay, I wasn't really allowed to wear it. :(

Anyways, I made due an orange tank top, my fabulous turquoise blazer, and some black slacks and boots. There! That's as earthy as I can get without using any floral.

The meeting all in all went very well. After delivering my first evaluation in a very long time, I thought I did a good job, despite being slightly unorganized and all over the place. Having finished the first two toastmaster manuals I was given, I thought I'd be a good public speaker by now, but it seems like I still have quite a lot to practice on.

Public speaking takes practice, confidence and quick thinking, that's what I've learned in my two years in toastmasters.

| Blazer (similar), Tank top (similar), Boots - Forever 21 | Necklace - Ebay  | Pants - Bershka (I can't seem to find it! :/) | Duffle Bag - HDY

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  1. Yes! I have to do a lot of public speaking and confidence is key. I do a lot of deep breathing before I have to speak too!


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