YAT Meeting - International Earth Day

March 31, 2014
I know it's a little early for Earth Day, but for some reason, our toastmasters club; Young Adult Toastmasters (YAT), decided to celebrate it early this year.

Yes, the meeting was themed International Earth Day, and everyone was invited to dress in earth-tones, and solid earth-tones only, no prints. And when a beautiful floral button up just came in the mail from eBay, I wasn't really allowed to wear it. :(

Anyways, I made due an orange tank top, my fabulous turquoise blazer, and some black slacks and boots. There! That's as earthy as I can get without using any floral.

The meeting all in all went very well. After delivering my first evaluation in a very long time, I thought I did a good job, despite being slightly unorganized and all over the place. Having finished the first two toastmaster manuals I was given, I thought I'd be a good public speaker by now, but it seems like I still have quite a lot to practice on.

Public speaking takes practice, confidence and quick thinking, that's what I've learned in my two years in toastmasters.

| Blazer (similar), Tank top (similar), Boots - Forever 21 | Necklace - Ebay  | Pants - Bershka (I can't seem to find it! :/) | Duffle Bag - HDY

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Hello there!

I want to personally welcome you to the first entry of "Nada más que amor", which translates to "Nothing but love" in Spanish. Now, I don't know that much of Spanish, but I know it well enough to understand that my given name, "Nada" means "nothing" in Spanish; and because my family constantly said that my name had the meaning of nothing since I was a child. With that, I developed the blog name! :)

With my previous blog, Interested in ALL, being all that it is, and all that is has become for the past few years, it felt like I outgrew it all, and that I needed something more. I felt the need for a change of scenery, a change of purpose. So, I started a Nada más que amor to fulfill my need for this change. And here it is, I have officially migrated from Interested in ALL, to my new home.

What to expect from Nada más que amor? Despite the change, I've had a craving for a proper platform to widen my horizons with my personal style and my love for books, food and all that jazz, and I wanted Nada más que amor to be that place. A blog where personal stylish outfits, books and sometimes food, beauty, DIY, and venting posts can be found. And of course, my aim for this blog is for it to be surrounded by love; or at least positivity.

The fun childish feeling of playing dress up. The craving for an escape between the pages of a book. The tingling of ones tastebud when a sweet savory dish has been tasted. These are are a few of my favourite things that bring love into my life. Because love is the only way to go.