A Little Bit About Yoga

December 18, 2017

As I write this post, it's been about five days since I practiced a full yoga routine, and before that, it was almost two weeks since my body got the stretch it needed to function happily. I like yoga; I enjoy the practice of it. It's become a part of me that doesn't shake off that easily. My body craves for the stretch, and my mind yearns to be calm amidst the madness we call life. Gah!
Among all the studios I've gone to, I've stretched my joints, calmed my mind, met new people and, I've always brought my own mat. It's those cheap ones that I found at the dollar store that are a little too thin and flimsy, but it does the job. I've never been too fussy about yoga mats because I like to believe that my knees are pretty healthy and my balance is pretty sturdy. But, I would genuinely be lying if I didn't mention that I sometimes experience pain in my wrists and knees during poses because my mat is too thin and doesn't grip very well. I never learn!

I'm just not sure what type of mat to get or where to get it, so I googled and found this. Best Yoga Mat, it reviewed multiple yoga mats that help you pick the right one for you. From grip to the thickness to comfort. They carefully crafted the review in so much detail that my mind was a blown by the number of yoga mats there is. I honestly thought there was just one kind. Ha!

My goal is to get at least one really good mat to use every time I practice and one travel mat to use whenever I travel on days I'm supposed to do yoga. It's always so good to practice after a flight. Your body really thanks you for it! Anyone up for ordering a last minute Christmas gift for your loved ones?

For the yogis or fitness junkies out there, what type of mat do you like to use?

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