If The Wind Still Blows, So Will I

January 30, 2017

I've gone through many instances in life where a situation is challenging. My yoga routine seems too off and too quick for me to deepen my practice, the asshole on the road honks and flashes for me to go faster, and when 24 hours just isn't enough for a day. The time has come when we have to cope and keep going, even if we want the weekend to get here already.

I never thought I would say this but, I’m sort of sad to say that I’m finally getting what I wanted; A 9am-5pm job, waking up a little bit after the sun to get the best out of my yoga practice, shower, get ready, have breakfast to go, and be out of the door just in time to beat traffic. I never thought I would be able to cope with it all but another part of me says that I'm happy, even if I'm exhausted.

“When you hear the wind howl, it screams out our frustrations. Or when it gets too intense, it’s like your eagerness to let it out, follow the path, and keep going.”

With the cold windy days of winter, I’ve got to take the wind as my source of motivation. It’s become a helping hand to my everyday struggles. When I feel like I just want to shut down and sleep forever, I remember the words; “If the wind still blows, so will I.” And I pick myself up and keep going.

I realized that as we keep going with our busy schedules, the lack of time we have in the day allows us to savor a little bit of comfort from our beds, from our families, and yes, from Netflix too. Even if it isn’t much, I’ve come to terms that I’m still able to do it despite my schedule, and that’s the little dazzling light amongst the gray.

| Sweater & Shirt - H&M | Jeans - Bershka |
| Boots - Forever 21 | Scarf - Thrifted | 

Photo Creds to the
Fabulous Shabana Feroze

Give the wind a chance to speak for you with its howls, and give it the opportunity to guide you in the direction it's going. Give the wind a chance, it might blow you away.

And don't forget to wear a hat if your hair is freshly washed because you'll have to wash it again right after if the wind blew too hard.

You got this. Go out there and blow them all away with your awesomeness.

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