Two Years and We're Evolving

March 31, 2016

There was a point on the blog when I would just talk about the weather in every post. I would remark about how hot it was or how the spring and autumn time are my favorite time of year. Now that I think about it, the weather talk was small talk with my blog. It was my blog and I getting to know each other. With two years since Nada Más Que Amor launched, there is still a lot that'll be evolving through time. There is still a lot that my blog and I need to know about each other, but with every post marks a step forward and it's special.

From talking about the weather and nothing more, to mini-notes of inspiration and lesson of the day. I'm pretty happy to see how far Nada Más Que Amor has got in the span of two years. With evolving outfit posts, DIYs, and fun random posts, the blog began to feel like home. I'm happy with the way everything is turning out, and how much the blog and I are evolving together.

Brightening Your Dark Mood

March 23, 2016

One of the fastest way to brighten up your bad mood is to brighten up someone else's. Make someone else feel good and the good vibrancy will flow right through you in return. It's an amazing phenomenon that feels almost addictive.

Something out of the blue happened a few weeks back. As my day went on as usual with many toastmaster meetings, outfit shoot's, and design work, I receive a message from a friend whom I've know for just a year. It was a voice note that melted my heart with kind words, enormous gratitude, and pure love. That message made my week a brighter one. It filled me with joy for as long as I can remember; and in fact, just thinking about it now just made the euphoria come fluttering back.