Beating the Winter Blues

January 4, 2016

The winter blues strikes again. After the holidays started, Christmas came and gone along with the New Year, and the neon sign of responsibilities flashes ever so bright just makes me want to hide back under my covers and binge watch all eight seasons of Charmed. 

I've been thinking of reasons why I've been lazying around for the past week and came to the conclusion that it was winter blues that got to me. My body wants to go into hibernation, like seriously. As much as I want to let it, the working week started and life must get back into order.

So I came up with a few ways that could help get you; and me, through the Winter Blues, because our amazing lifestyle is waiting for us:

  • Tap into creativity. Paint, write, take photos, edit, dance, or even make music.
  • Get inspired. Read other blogs, and affirmations and accept them. 
  • Do some physical soul searching. Take a walk by the sea. Practice some yoga and meditation. Maybe even go for a run. 
  • Get that sense of accomplishment. Finish something, anything, and make some progress to feel that sense of accomplishment to get your wheels turning. 

Take it all step by step. There's no rush to getting out to of the slump of Winter Blues. Just remember that it will feel great to get back on that horse.

| Bag, Plaid, & Shirt - Forever 21 | Pants - Cotton On | 
| Scarf - Thrifted | Boots - New Look |

Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Here's to another great year ahead! Salute! 

PS. What do y'all think of the turquoise and pink/maroon combo? Does it look too much like Patrick Star in the ocean?

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