Book Review: The Changing Season by Steven Mancheter

January 27, 2016

The Changing Season by Steven Manchester
Genre: General Fiction, Young Adult, Coming of Age
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This was supposed to be a simple summer for Billy; one more lazy expanse of time before college began. He'd fill the hours playing with Jimmy – his canine best buddy – going camping and doing all the things he promised Jimmy they'd do before Billy left.

But that was before the accident that shook the entire town.

It was before the summer job that turned into something so much more than a way to get a paycheck.

And it was before Vicki.

This summer was destined to be many things to Billy, things he didn't truly understand until now. But it was definitely not going to be simple.

An enormously touching, richly textured, deeply moving novel of new adulthood, THE CHANGING SEASON is an experience to savor.


When Steven approached me to review The Changing Season, I happily agreed. General Fiction isn't really my usual genre, but I was drawn to Steven's books, they sort of became my guilty pleasure. They're always so heartwarming and enthralling that they manage to get me hooked. I simply love where Steven's books take me. They take each reader from a disaster to a smooth, happy ending that always manages to leave us with a lesson to take with us when we close the book.

The Changing Season is a fascinating tale that revolves around Billy Baker and his dog; Jimmy. The book follows the two on what was supposed to be their best summer yet before Billy goes off to college. It started off with Billy and his friends; Mark and Charlie, on their last week of high school. In just a few days time, they'll be high school graduates and they'll be going off into the real world. But, before that, they've got parties to go to and they've got to make memories that would last a lifetime.

The Changing Season talks about struggles of a freshly graduate young adult, their existential crisis's, first loves, regrets, broken hearts, and most of all, gratitude. In the book, we see how Billy evolves from that naive young adult who struggles with finding his purpose in life to a man going off to the beginning of his fruitful journey. I found myself enjoying the book immensely. Despite the time I took to finish it, the book still managed to capture me.

At first glance at the book and it's summary, I never thought that The Changing Seasons would be much more than what it is. I thought it would be a typical YA novel with a typical happy ending, but The Changing Seasons is much much more. I highly recommend this books to all those who enjoy reading Coming of Age novels with true life lessons.



Fake it 'till you make it

January 25, 2016

The whole point of the statement Fake it 'til you make it, is to gain confidence, isn't it? It is to gain the confidence to go beyond the things you fear the most. To hold your head up high and just go for it. 

I realized a few months back that the one thing I fear the most; besides tiny crawling creatures, is change. The big changes. Like when someone in your life moves away and you're forced to think of your days without them, or when you start a new job, or when you know that your life has to change because it isn't as healthy as it used to be. These changes tend to put me in a state of depression, but that statement subconsciously comes to mind, fake it 'til you make it, and when on the verge of a breakdown, I end up telling myself "No! This isn't who you want to be!" and I am forced to get my shit together. 

Half the time, people around us barely know what they're doing and are just winging it. We all pretend that we have our shit together when we don't really, but through time, it won't be pretend anymore. Despite all that doubt, and all that fear, when you know deep down that you're meant to do something greater but feel so small, swallow that doubt and fear and pretend to be greater than you are. Then through time, you won't need to pretend anymore.

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Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Do what you can to be whoever you want to be. Dress the part, walk the part, act, eat and breathe the part. Then sooner or later you will find yourself living the life you were afraid to lead. 

Fake it 'til you make it, and unleash your inner badass!

DIY Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair

January 19, 2016

As you go through the blog, you'll notice that I have pretty curly hair, I mean how can you not notice it's pretty out there. I used to have long curly hair that was about half way down my back and maintaining it was always a challenge through the years. I went through quite a bit of hair products, I was what others called a product junkie, from oil's to leave in's to deep conditioner's that would sometimes leave my hair too moisturized leave me with that flat look, and sometimes would do absolutely nothing because the product wouldn't be strong enough. So, one day, I decided to make my own. I was done with all those branded hair products that make my hair feel more damaged than healthy, I was done with spending 30 minutes doing my hair, DONE!

DIY Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair

This is a quick and easy Leave in Conditioner that contains mostly natural products that would help your curly hair get the moisture it needs.

2 tbls Conditioner (any conditioner of your choice, most preferably for curly hair)
1 tbls Coconut Oil
1 tbls Honey 
1 tbls Argan Oil 
2 tbls Water
5 drops of Essential Oils (scent of your choice, preferably something fresh)

Add in all the ingredients and then stir until fully combined. Note: If the mixture feels too wet, then add more conditioner or honey. If it feels too thick, then add a few drops of water. 

Once combined, transfer it onto a container or bottle; be them recycled or brand new, and you're done! It's pretty simple.

Now you can apply this leave-in evenly through your damp hair, preferably after you shower.

This recipe can last for about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how many times you decide to wash your hair through the week.

When you have gaps between washing your hair, combine a dollop of this leave in with about 1/2 cups of water into a spray bottle to spray to bring those curls back to life.

This Leave in Conditioner literally saved my hair after I cut it into a bob. It keeps my hair moisturized, tamed, and flexible to style it any way I want to every morning. But honestly, I just leave it down and messy because my hair likes to roll that way.

Give this DIY Leave-in Conditioner a try and let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Don't forget to flip your fabulous hair back and forth!


Beating the Winter Blues

January 4, 2016

The winter blues strikes again. After the holidays started, Christmas came and gone along with the New Year, and the neon sign of responsibilities flashes ever so bright just makes me want to hide back under my covers and binge watch all eight seasons of Charmed. 

I've been thinking of reasons why I've been lazying around for the past week and came to the conclusion that it was winter blues that got to me. My body wants to go into hibernation, like seriously. As much as I want to let it, the working week started and life must get back into order.

So I came up with a few ways that could help get you; and me, through the Winter Blues, because our amazing lifestyle is waiting for us:

  • Tap into creativity. Paint, write, take photos, edit, dance, or even make music.
  • Get inspired. Read other blogs, and affirmations and accept them. 
  • Do some physical soul searching. Take a walk by the sea. Practice some yoga and meditation. Maybe even go for a run. 
  • Get that sense of accomplishment. Finish something, anything, and make some progress to feel that sense of accomplishment to get your wheels turning. 

Take it all step by step. There's no rush to getting out to of the slump of Winter Blues. Just remember that it will feel great to get back on that horse.

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| Scarf - Thrifted | Boots - New Look |

Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Here's to another great year ahead! Salute! 

PS. What do y'all think of the turquoise and pink/maroon combo? Does it look too much like Patrick Star in the ocean?