Taking the Reins

September 14, 2015

The past few weeks or days; I can't even keep track anymore, have flown by so quickly. I swear, I still think it's Monday last week. Even my hours don't seem right. I would spend my mornings until lunch working, then by the time I get home, it would feel like my morning happened a few days ago instead of just a few hours ago.

Life has a way of taking over ones, how do you say, life goals? dreams? aspirations? The social life, the deadlines, the meetings, classes, and even more deadlines – this of life usually gets in the way of the good food, echoing laughter, amazing clothes, and breathtaking scenery.

Despite my busy schedule and life just happening, I seem to have found somewhat of a balance between work, toastmasters, yoga, writing, alone time, and a sufficient social life. I have to say that I do get exhausted and pass out at the end of the day, but it's all worth it because I see progress, I see results in terms of both work and relationships. In spite of it all, I always find ways to make time for myself, and for the people I love and adore.

I began making schedules that include meeting dates and deadlines, but also include meet-ups, hangouts, and dinner dates. This gives me the a clear view from the drivers seat of my life, and it's a beautiful sight!

And just because this outfit was shot during the first weekend of September, which was greeted with a gust of wind, I thought my chiffon kimono would be a perfect for a windy day. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. 

I paired it with one of my all time favorite summer black dress that has a fuschia pink belt, which I tied around my waist. Strapping on my sandals, picking up my burgundy bag, and letting my hair down, we have a to-go summer outfit. 

Look at how your days are going. Sit back and just look at it. If it's getting too out of control then start taking the reins. It's time to take control and start doing. Sit, plan, and do! 
Drive that beauty! 

Stay amazing, darlings! 

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