First Blogoversary that Flies

April 1, 2015

First off, yes I do kind of look like a balloon with my outfit. In fairness, this top is super-duper loose and it was slightly windy so I felt like letting it flow in the wind a bit more and necessary. Plus in the middle of the day I ended up knotting up the last two buttons like I usually do.

Secondly, what is up with that title? "First Blogoversary that Flies" That sounds more like I went skydiving for my blog. Which I didn't. That would be awesome though. What do you all think? Skydiving for a blogoversary.

Third, what type of blogger forgets about her blogoversary? A busy one? I'd like to say a busy one, but I think that's just a stupid excuse to completely forget about a blogoversary. Of course, blogoversaries doesn't have to be a big thing, it's just a milestone. A milestone that marks a whole year of writing, styling, and reminiscing on the good. 

This past year of blogging has become my escape, my sanctuary, a platform I can turn to when shit goes down. It hasn't only kept me sane this past year, but also these other bloggers such as The Silver Kick Dairies, The Adored Life, Delightfully Tacky, and Mini Penny, were a huge part of what got me through 2014. They gave me and continue to give the motivation and inspiration to follow the love and keep smiling.


So I followed the love and when I found it, I tried my best to catch up. But when I finally got close enough to feel those powerful feelings radiating off that love. The feeling lingers and this gives us a chance to relish on it and spread that power like a wildfire across oceans and through the wind. 

I bought clothes that made me feel good, read things that made me feel fantastic, did things that got me excited, and hung out with people who make me laugh and allow me to say my piece. I've gone to events and introduced myself as a blogger. I've met people and told them I was passionate about blogging because it made me feel real, and let my love flow through my system for a bit longer before I let it out into the world to prosper. Greedy, I know. 


| Blouse - | Jeans - Bershka
| Belt & Bag - Forever 21 Shoes - H&M

Photo creds: Najla Qamber

Love surrounds us. We just need to lay back, close our eyes, and allow yourself to feel it. 

It's been a year of Nada Más Que Amor and it was a great one. May year two be filled with as many and much more outfit posts, book posts, food posts, inspirations, quarterly event experiences, and love. Let the love fly high. 

Have an awesome lovely day everyone!!


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