Surprise, Surprise | Blogmas 12

December 12, 2014

Blogmas Day 12

The birthday boy (Khalid Ismael)

This year has been the year of surprise birthdays, and last night was my brother-in-laws early surprise birthday dinner – early, because his birthday isn't until next week. I hope this will be the last of surprise birthday parties/dinners until the new year, or at leasts 6 months into the new year. I've gone to about eight of them this year – including my own – and I'm getting sick of it.

Nonetheless, everyone always manages to have a good time, joking around, gossiping, dancing and singing in a restaurant that we're not supposed to dance and sing in, and many other weird things sober – or partly sober – people do during parties.

We celebrated my brother-in-law's, Kal, early birthday dinner at quite an expensive restaurant. Blowing all your cash on Christmas gifts and expensive restaurants seems like the best way to end the year. Don't cha think?

And of course I have to share some photos of the night. No outfit post though, it was too dark. :(

Getting a little bit out of topic but, remember Mo Zowayed? The indie artist that I wrote about here. The one who makes really good mellow, sweet, folk music. Yep that's the one. He was playing close by the restaurant we went to, and was due to play 30 minutes before we were suppose to be at the restaurant for the "surprise" part. So since Sasha and I had to get the cake – which was conveniently close by to the stage where Mo was playing – we stopped by to check him out. But he was still sound checking. So the both of us decided to go get the cake and probably by the time we walk back, he'd already be playing, but noo...he was still sound checking. Note: Sasha and I had about 10 minutes to run back to the restaurant on sand, in our heels, while carrying the cake. So we stayed there for two minutes hoping he would play. Nope. We just left. And the above photo is my disappointed face. :( 
(end of rant)

I look like I have the puffiest eyes in the world.


Have a jolly day everyone!

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