Know your troll-self

November 10, 2014

Remember that Toastmasters workshop that I went to last weekend and got a flower thrown at me. It was in my last post, yeap that's the one. 

One thing I realized while I was sitting there listening to Mr. Dananjaya Hettiarachchi speak and tell us his secrets to becoming the World Champion in Public Speaking, my mind would contradict almost every question he asked. Whether it had a positive or negative impact, I didn't seem to care because my troll self was on fire! 

I know it was mean, I tried to stop myself, I really did. I held myself back long enough to let the sarcastic comeback pass through my head and laugh it out so I can breathe easily, but there were instances when they would just slip out like word-vomit. Okay gross image. Sorry folks. But you know where I'm getting at.

An "Are you all ready?" being screamed out into the audience would be the perfect opening question to reply with the obvious answer as "No!". Hear that faint "No!" in the wave of "YEAH!"'s? Yeap, that's me, and a few other trolls that are farthest from the stage.

This is the outfit I wore to the workshop. Semi-formal with a very messy bun. I like this button up but it feels a little too short since I wanted to tuck it in a bit. My favorite part of the button up would be it's military uniform cut, and the gold plated collar cuffs. The cuffs are the reason I bought it, it looks elegant in a way.

Button up - Red Tag Blazer - Forever 21 
Jeans - Bershka Shoes - Paprika Necklace - Ebay 

Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Have you ever trolled before? Isn't it fun? 
Don't over do it though, people may seriously get hurt, emotionally.

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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