Denim on Denim and a Message for 5 Years Later

October 10, 2014
(excuse the lighting - shooting at night time can be the worst but this outfit seemed too much of a waste if photos weren't taken) 

Writing something positive or inspirational in Birthday cards has recently become my thing. Instead of the usual "Happy Birthday, have a great one!" I tend to look at a card as if the celebrant was looking at it 5 years later, so it would end up saying "Happy Birthday! Look for the little things that bring you joy. Stay happy and go with the flow!". It is a message I would want to read 5 years later and smile about because it would make me feel good and jittery inside. 

I would like to say that I got weird funny birthday greetings but I don't think I did because even if did, I don't remember. But so far my meaningful messages from others are usually the "I will always be here if you need me " kind of message. It's a sweet message but when the time ever came, there would always be a voice that would imply that I will be a burden or too bothersome to ask for help, advice, or support. Do any of you get that sometimes?

I wore this outfit to one of my good friend's surprise birthday party. Her reaction was amazing! It wasn't the "Omg!" kind of reaction, but more like "wtf?". The reaction is always the best part about surprise birthdays. That, and of course the gifts and cakes come right after. 

Deciding to try out the denim over denim scene since I was desperate to bust out my ankle boots, I wanted to tuck in the button-up into my shirt but it was too darn short. Time to buy a new denim button up!

| Button up - H&M | Jeans - Bershka
| Dream Catcher Necklace - Universal Studios | Bag (similar but mustard) & Boots - Forever 21
Photo creds: Najla Qamber

What type of messages do you usually put into Greeting cards? 
Are you the traditional type of the "Happy birthday, have a great one?" note or do you try to write something different every time?

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