October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

I've been waiting until it was Halloween to wear this shirt. I got when I went to Universal Studios in Orlando. There was a sticker that was stuck on the shirt that said it glowed in the dark and I just had to get it. 

Yes, this is a guys shirt. yay for that. Their oversized crew-neck shirt are just too darn comfy, don't you think?

| Shirt - Mad Engine (amazon) | Jeans - Bershka
| Boots - Forever 21

Since I don't feel like attending any sort of Halloween party this year, I'm just going to stay in with my short bread cookies, dark chocolate and cookies n' cream flavored ice cream. Woohoo!

What are you all doing this Halloween? 

All Black

October 30, 2014

"Take a look at my life, all black
Take a look at my clothes, all black"

Remember that Good Charlotte song, All Black?  It wasn't much of a big hit but it was one my favorite songs during my emo teenage era's when 90% of my closet was black and my eyeliner and eyeshadow made me look like a raccoon. Mmm.. the good old days. Listening to their music again brought back so much nostalgia, it makes me miss summer vacations as a teen.

Since it's almost Halloween my outfit today is all black. Despite what Anna Wintour says about never wearing head-to-toe black, I shall go against that and wear head-to-toe black (#rebel), but of course I must style it with something as simple as a belt and a stud necklace to show off how BLACK that dress can get.

I've only worn these boots a couple of times after a bought it. It's one of those boots that you only whip out when the air gets cooler because it makes your feet all cosy and warm inside, and despite the heel, these boots are hella comfy. 

| Dress (similar, similar, similar), Belt, & Shoes (similar) - New Look | 

What are you all dress up as this Halloween? I'd love to know! :)

Halloween Chocolate

October 29, 2014

It's Halloween in a couple of days. I shall be celebrating the scary holiday with some old horror films and chocolate. Okay no horror films, just the chocolate. 

Scary films aren't my thing, just like how theme park rides aren't really my thing. They scare me, and I am the type who doesn't like to be scared. I would ride a roller coaster once to get some adrenaline pumped into my veins, but that was it. The rest of the day at theme parks would be filled with slow kiddy rides and cotton candy.

When I went to Dubai, we stumbled upon the Hershey's store in Dubai Mall. Oh boy, since we bought the pack of Halloween themed chocolate, I have been eating them like a craving pregnant woman. 

This is bad, I know, but the special dark mildly sweet chocolate and the milk chocolate filled with rice crisps are to die for. I can't help slowly unwrapping one of those bars and biting down into it to savor the taste of something so sweet. Of course the flush of regret follows right after. Can't we enjoy consuming chocolate without feeling that pang of regret right after? Why society? Why? *waves fist in the air* 

What are you all up to this Halloween? 
Parties? Dinners? Candy?

Good Skin in Casual

October 27, 2014

The one thing I noticed while I was in Dubai for the weekend was the fashion ads. I am unsure whether it was for the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience event ads or just a random clothing store ad; I noticed that the models had waaay too much make up on, and their hair just didn't go with the entire look and theme of the ad. 

It's not just Dubai, it's here in Bahrain and I'm sure all around the middle east as well. I'm sorry but all these magazine clothing ads that are locally distributed look like their trying too hard. The big volumized straightened hair, the layers of foundation and eye shadow, and the highest skimpiest pumps. Honey, calm down. 

I don't really have an a big issue with how magazines shoot their photos, it's the people who copy the models make up and hair that I have issues with. 

When I used to go to uni, I would see women with at least 5 layers of foundation on their face that eventually made their it 5 shades brighter than their actual skin tone. That, along with winged eyeliner, a smoky eye, and a thick layer of lipstick they chose for the day. Honey, chill. 

I know you want to look good but doesn't your face get, I don't know, too heavy to carry around all day with that many product stuck on to it?

You don't need to wear 10 layers of foundation and concealer to cover that zit that popped up this morning. Just lightly cover it with concealer, and if it still shows then whatever. That just proves you're human. It's okay to look crappy sometimes because we all have our crappy days/weeks. Plus, your face will thank you when you give it a chance to breathe under those layers. 

| Plaid - Forever 21 | Shirt - Hot Topic |
| Jeans - Bershka | Shoes - H&M | Bag - Gifted
Photo Creds: Najla Qamber

Feel good in your own skin.
Look at yourself in the mirror and point out the clear soft skin instead of that zit or white head. 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

One Night Abroad - Roma, Italia

October 24, 2014

Did you watch that movie Eat, Pray, Love? What am I saying, of course you did. If you didn't, well you missed out, I'm sorry, spoiler alert.

Well in the movie, Liz travels to Italy to fatten herself up and enjoy food. For the new few months of living there, she learned the language, met new people, and savored the food. She basically ate until she dropped. What she experienced in that few months in Italy was so interesting. She had roam the streets, got lost, but made new friends and explored some more. What she had experienced was what I wanted after I read the book and watched the movie. I want to go to Italy to feed myself and explore the streets, the beautiful architecture, and the statues!

If I had one magical night abroad, where would I go? What would I wear? What would I do? and most importantly how will I communicate with the locals.

On to the Night Abroad. I would go to Rome, Italy. Not only for the colosseum, but for the Spanish steps, for the architecture, for the museums, and of course the food.

My first outfit is what I would wear during the day. After having my morning coffee I would roam the city streets with the morning sun shining down. This seems like the perfect time to explore. As afternoon slides in, lunch would be the city's traditional mozzarella pizza, then back to exploring the city of rome.

| Dress & Shoes - H&M
Crop top, belt & Bag - Forever 21
*I can never find the links for these* -.-

Stopping every time we see something worth looking at, even if it's just a random building. Being the tourists we are, we would just stare at it and snap a zillion photos of a random building. I say we because I know that I will not be going on this adventure alone. It's always more fun to have someone with you when you travel.

Perhaps we'll have an afternoon snack, some gelato by the spanish steps. Mmm gelato.

As night slides in, my outfit will try to blend in with the night life, kind of. Change the crop top to a button up, and switch those sneakers with some sandals. Let's party!

| Dress & Button up (similar) - H&M
| Bag & Sandals - Forever 21 | 

Being the young 20 year old that I am, I would want to check out a club or two, probably stay for 10 minutes each then go and have some dinner. This would be the time I try out their spaghetti bolognese and their best glass of wine. Then will most probably wonder the city some more, just to see how it all looks like in the dark with all the lights lit up like a birthday cake. It must've looked breath taking.

The main question now is how do I get around with the language barrier. Before flying to Italy, I would learn a few basic italian phrases, "how much is this" "where is this" "where is the bathroom" "that looks beautiful" "it tastes delicious" you know, the usual. I would probably also try out Smartling to help me with the translating.

Smartling is an online translation services company, that provides multiple options when translating websites, documents, apps from human translators to computer translators, and you are free to choose from the options based on your convenience. It a pretty useful software to use when you travel to a foreign country.

I would then most probably pick up a few things here and there as the city of Rome becomes more familiar to me.

If you were to have one magical night abroad, where would you go?
I'd love to know! 


Fairy Dress

October 22, 2014

Oh ho ho ho it isn't Christmas yet, but oh I crave for that bright colorful lights shining from a Christmas tree, sharp cold winds, and Christmas songs. Still two more months to go.

The weather has cooled down a bit and it's gotten quite windy. I got a chance to take pleasure in rolling my windows down to enjoy that cool breeze as I drove around today. I just hope it stays or gets colder. Come on winter!!

This is my favorite dress that I barely wear because it's too fairy-like for an everyday outfit, and it some times screams out "Wedding" doesn't it? I got it waaaay back when I was still in my first years of uni. At that time I would most likely pair this dress with jeans; since I was quite conservative back then. Comparing myself now as opposed to who I was back then, I guess I've grown to love my body enough to show off a little or a lot of skin. 

| Dress - No tags :( | Boots - Forever 21
| Necklace (similar) - Universal Studios 
Photo creds: Najla Qamber

Have a lovely day everyone and remember to
love yourselves because it can be the first step towards where you want to go. :)